And You Call Yourself a Film Buff?! CASABLANCA

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Even before ever seeing the film, if I had been asked what I thought the most beloved movie of all time is, I would have said Casablanca. I may be ignorant for never having seen it, but I bet a lot of people would agree with my answer. Others might argue Citizen Kane. It is considered the greatest movie of all time by the American Film Institute, after all. However, I would argue that Casablanca’s themes of love and letting love go are what make the film timeless.

Even the girls who swoon over Ryan Gosling in The Notebook can appreciate Humphrey Bogart’s wounded Rick, who is heartbroken after the love of his life, Ilsa, who inexplicably abandoned him before they are supposed to run away together, turns up at his bar in Morocco years later. Although, those girls would undoubtedly find Ryan Gosling more attractive than Bogey. I apologize to anyone who was offended by this comparison.

When I mentioned to a friend that I would be watching and blogging about Casablanca, he was very excited. It’s one of his favorite movies of all time. He is about 15 years older than me, which I never let him forget, so I assume this is why he’s such a fan. He is also a romantic at heart and told me how moving it was to see Rick, the man who cares about nothing and is so in love but can’t show it, finally admit his love to Ilsa and then watch her and her husband fly away to America. He gave me many examples as to why Casablanca is considered a classic film and why it’s one of his favorites. While his taste in cinema is admirable, I confess that I didn’t feel the same way.

It takes a special kind of romantic film to get me interested. Most I find sappy and melodramatic, and, honestly, I felt the same way about Casablanca . The same goes for The Notebook, in case you were wondering, though I measure it on a much sappier scale. Casablanca is by no means a bad movie (I don’t have the authority to say such a thing anyway), but it’s just not my cup of tea. Perhaps, I’m dead inside or maybe I just hate love, but I never found myself rooting for Rick and Ilsa. The suspense and intrigue surrounding Ilsa and her husband’s history and their eventual escape to America is what interested me most. I suppose I’m partial to mysteries and thrillers, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate Casablanca. It’s clearly an inspiration for countless movies that have come after it. How could I not like that?

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