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PFS Rapid Recommendations – We Are the Best!

we are the best 2

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By Megan Reilly

With short haircuts and dreams of punk stardom, the girls of We Are the Best! push against the confines of 1980s Stockholm, tackling the oppressive regimes of parents, boys, and gym class. Director Lukas Moodysson captures their offbeat spirit using jump cuts, overlapping dialogue, and a soundtrack full of noisy Swedish punk. This all-too-rare portrait of female friendship hits all the right notes, even when the group of radical 13 year-olds plays off key.

The Essentials 2.0 – Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

The Road Warrior

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By John Smith

I feel a sense of joy when I hear that a filmmaker who was not born into the industry was able to churn out one of the most influential films of the past 50 years.  This man is George Miller who, after a successful career as a doctor, created the Mad Max trilogy. While the trilogy isn’t exactly perfect, it’s pretty safe to say that Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is one of the closest things to action movie perfection that you can find. It also produced some of the most iconic villains to grace the genre of science fiction.

PFS Rapid Recommendations – The Immigrant

The Immigrant

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By Davis Rivera

In her 2002 film Sex is Comedy, Catherine Breillat observed that the director’s job is to drag the emotion out of the actor and use that emotion as the film’s basic materials.  Watching The Immigrant, one can surmise that filmmaker James Gray shares this point of view and was able to cull remarkable, almost superhuman, performances from both Joaquin Phoenix and Marion Cotillard in a film that, while running a mere two hours, feels absolutely epic.

PFS Rapid Recommendations – Ida


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By Davis Rivera

While watching films I often ask myself, “What is it that compelled this filmmaker to tell this particular story?”  With his latest film Ida, it is obvious that Pawel Pawlikowski set out to insinuate himself into the viewer’s heart and take them on a deeply rewarding eighty-minute road trip replete with intense directorial focus, stunning cinematography, and the single best usage of John Coltrane I have ever seen in a film.

PFS Interviews – William Eubanks, Director of The Signal


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By Alex Gibson

Usually closed to the general public, the gate leading to the hospital wing of Eastern State Penitentiary is marked with a red cross. When I visited, the already creepy historic site was made even more unsettling by the rain dripping into the crumbling hallways and forming puddles amidst tangled, rust-covered hospital beds. It seemed perfect place to sit down with William Eubanks, director of The Signal.


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(PHILADELPHIA, PA) June 12, 2014– The PFS Theater at the Roxy will make BYO Wine Nights a weekly special on Wednesdays, following success of similar events for THE OTHER WOMAN and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

Beginning Wednesday, June 18 patrons 21+ can purchase a premium ticket, which will allow them to bring their own bottle of wine to sip during some of the Summer’s most buzzworthy films.

This month PFS Theater at The Roxy is showing this summer’s sleeper hit, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and will open Clint Eastwood’s JERSEY BOYS, based on the Broadway hit show June 20.


v  All Wednesday shows at 7pm and later June 18-August 27

v  Must be 21+ with valid ID.

v  Ticket price: $14, includes film screening, corking fee and glassware.

The new PFS Theater at the Roxy is located at 2023 Sansom Street in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Showtimes and tickets will be available online at and at the theater’s box office.

PFS Rapid Recommendations – The Dance of Reality


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By Davis Rivera

In his latest triumph Alejandro Jodorowsky travels back to his native Chile to bring us the “imaginary autobiography” The Dance of Reality.  As the film went on and the subject matter became more tragic, I knew I was watching the work of a filmmaker who promises nothing but fulfills everything.  An artist so ambitious that he demands no less of himself than to strive for a little immortality, even if it takes twenty-three years to do so.

Philadelphia International Children’s Film Festival


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This past weekend, the Philadelphia Film Society, in partnership with the New York International Children’s Film Festival, presented the Philadelphia International Children’s Film Festival (June 6-8).  Our little film-goers enjoyed healthy snacks from the Whole Foods Pop-Up Concessions Stand, engaging activities from Parent to Child Therapy Associates and the 10 Day Film Challenge, and of course renowned international children’s films.

PFS About Town – The Fool’s Journey @ PhilaMOCA


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By Davis Rivera 

Since Orson Welles first made his love of the Tarot known in the 1958 masterpiece Touch of Evil, there has been a calling to filmmakers everywhere to look to the cards and make something extraordinary.  Philadelphia filmmaker Hanna Hamilton has done just that with her latest work The Fool’s Journey, a visual experiment comprised of twenty-two short films devoted to the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana.  I was able to interview Hamilton when her film screened at PhilaMOCA as part of their Tuesday Tune-Out, a weekly series that features local musicians performing live before introducing a film of their choice.


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