Celebrate Filipino American History Month At PFF21

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October is month with many names. In the United States, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Clergy Appreciation Month, and National Squirrel Awareness Month, just to name a few. While all are good things to observe during the month of October, there’s one more that’s near and dear to my heart: Filipino American History Month.

Started in 1988 by the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS), this month was set aside to celebrate the economic, cultural, social, and general contributions that Filipino Americans have made to the continued growth of the United States.

This year’s Philadelphia Film Festival features two movies that should certainly fit into your celebration of Filipino American History Month.

The first film is in the World Narratives category of the Festival and it’s called ‘The Woman in the Septic Tank’. Marlon Rivera’s smart directorial debut intelligently utilizes cinema clichés to mock the pretentions of independent filmmakers in this hilarious Filipino comedy. This film is currently holding the distinction of being the highest grossing Filipino independent film in history and you can see it right here in Philadelphia during the festival.

Here’s when and where it’s showing:
Friday, October 19/ 12:15pm/ Ritz East B
Monday, October 22/ 2:40pm/ Ritz East B
Sunday, October 28/ 12:00pm/ Ritz Bourse

The second film is in the Sight and Soundtrack category and features one of the most beloved bands in history, Journey. ‘Don’t Stop Believin: Everyman’s Journey’ tells the incredible story of Arnel Pineda, the lead singer in a Filipino cover band who went on to join the ranks of one of the most legendary rock bands ever. Few Filipinos have found as much success in mainstream media like Arnel has, so this is a must see for any fan to see just how he reached that level of awesomeness.

Here’s the where and when:
Friday, October 26/ 10:15pm/ Prince Music Theater
Sunday, October 28/ 5:10pm/ Ritz East A

Might I suggest making a day of it and taking in a double feature on Sunday, the 28th? That’s my plan. Hopefully I’ll see some fellow Filipinos coming out to these films to support Filipino American History Month and the Philadelphia Film Festival!

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