Members Need to Know

1. What are PFS Member Sneak Preview Screenings?

Sneak Preview Screenings are advanced viewings of films shown before their theatrical release. PFS members receive a select number of complimentary preview screening invitations throughout the year based on their membership level. Click here to view a list of past PFS member Sneak Preview Screenings.

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2. Are Screening/Sneak Preview invitations good for 1 or 2 people?

Unless otherwise noted, member screening invitations are good for 1 member and a guest of their choosing (2 individuals). Members are asked to specify their desire for 1 or 2 seats when registering for a Screening/Sneak Preview.

3. How many Screening/Sneak Preview invitations will I receive with my PFS membership?

PFS works to offer our members at least one screening a week. The actual number of invitations members receive depends on how many tickets we can secure from our marketing partners who coordinate the screenings.

The current annual number of guaranteed Screening/Sneak Preview invitations per membership level are as follows:

  • Gaffer ($100) – 6 (12 tickets)
  • Best Boy/Girl ($175) – 12 (24 tickets)
  • Screenwriter ($300) – 20 (40 tickets)
  • Director ($600) – All screenings (an average of 50 films a year)
  • Producer ($1,200) – All screenings + reserved seats (an average of 50 films a year)
  • Executive Producer ($2,500) – All screenings + reserved seats (an average of 50 films a year)
  • Luminary ($5,000) – All screenings + reserved seats (an average of 50 films a year)
  • Visionary ($10,000) – All screenings + reserved seats (an average of 50 films a year)
4. I want to see more movies! Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, absolutely! Once you become a PFS member you can take advantage of upgrade pricing, which is simply the difference in cost between the higher membership and the one you currently have. For example, if you purchased a Gaffer membership at $100, you can upgrade to a Best Boy/Girl membership for $75 more (for a total cost of $175, which is the total cost of the Best Boy/Girl membership). For questions or to upgrade today contact membership@filmadelphia.org or call 267.239.2941.

5. I’m a PFS member, why wasn’t I invited to a Screening?

PFS receives a limited number of seats to each screening and cannot always accommodate every member and their guest. Premiere level members receive an advanced invitation to every preview screening PFS offers, basic level members receive invitations based on availability. Note that the initial invitation level is indicated for each Sneak Preview screening above the event day and time, however, invitations are often extended to additional membership levels when space is available. PFS works to secure as many seats as possible to each preview screening.

6. How do I secure my complimentary tickets to a Screening?

Qualified members will receive screening invitations via email through the constant contact. If you would like to attend the screening you can confirm your seats by clicking “register now”, entering your name and email and specifying whether you’d like to add an additional attendee. If tickets are available you will receive a confirmation e-mail with check-in instructions and your name is automatically added to our screening list. Note: As a courtesy to all PFS members, Screening invitations are non-transferable and may only be used by a current PFS member and their guest.

7. How do I obtain Reserved Seats at Screenings?

If you are a Spotlight Circle member, you are entitled to reserved seats at every screening you attend, unless otherwise noted. Members at select levels must RSVP to secure reserved seats. Note: Reserved seats cannot be held after a films scheduled start time.

8. I received an Invitation E-mail, but I wasn’t on the list at the screening.

You must RSVP to all screenings you wish to attend. You will not be guaranteed a seat unless you RSVP and receive an email confirmation. If you are having problems registering for a preview screening, please call 267-239-2941 or email membership@filmadelphia.org.

9. Is there anything else I need to know?

Occasionally, film studios will have increased security measures for Sneak Preview screenings. This is not arranged or controlled by PFS. In an effort to prevent any form of piracy, the following security measures may be enforced at Sneak Preview screenings at any time:

  • Bag checks
  • Confiscation of cameras or cell phones with video or picture taking capability (items will be returned after screening)
  • Magnetometer wanding
  • Audience scanning with night vision goggles during screening

Please plan accordingly.

Cell phones and pagers should be set to Off or Vibrate during a Sneak Preview screening. No text messaging or use of other electronic devices such as Tablets are permitted during the screening of the film.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.