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By Le Anne Lindsay

I was glad to make the second screening of Jeff, Who Lives at Home, particularly since the director was available for another Q & A. Well, co-director, this film is by another team of writer/director brothers.

Not the Farrelly Bros. or the Coen Bros. It’s the Duplass Brothers – Mark and Jay (The Puffy Chair, Baghead, Cyrus).

Jeff, Who Lives at Home is a good bit more out and out comedy, compared to Cyrus. Mostly due to it’s lead, bigger and dopier than usual, Jason Segel. Segal plays a 30-something pothead who still lives in his mother’s (Susan Sarandon) basement. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in years and no mention is made of the last time he held gainful employment.

He is however, still hopeful about his life. He’s not lethargic, just unsure what he wants to do. He believes in waiting for a sign. That sign comes in the form of a wrong number for someone named Kevin; which sets Jeff off on a days adventure that winds up involving his brother Pat (Ed Helms), who’s rather an ass, and Pat’s on-the-rocks marriage to Linda (Judy Greer). Interspersed is a side story involving Jeff & Pat’s mom (Sarandon) finding out she has a secret admirer at work.

On the whole, it’s an entertaining quasi-road/buddy comedy with heart. At the Q & A, an audience member asked if Mark and Jay have a spiritual center. Do they believe in fate, destiny signs etc… Mark replied that he wished he was a bit more like the character of Jeff in some ways, but his own personal philosophy wasn’t the origins for the story.

Watch the below Q & A video of Mark Duplass as he also answers the questions of going from small budget films like Baghead to their last two films with bigger budgets and bigger actors and which of the brothers does the bulk of the work.

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