Free Food For Film Fest Fans!

Written by Alex Gibson on . Posted in American Meat, Chipotle, PFF21, Tags, UArts, University of the Arts

Are you a fan of Chipotle? Well, then you’re in luck because at tomorrow’s screening of ‘American Meat’ at the Gershman Y, Chipotle, one of this year’s festival sponsors, will be dishing out some guac and chips for all to enjoy!

Added bonus: If you’re a UArts student or PFS member, admission is 100% free!

Here’s a synopsis of ‘American Meat’ from the festival guide:

Unlike stories unveiled before about the meat industry, ‘American Meat’ is a pro-farmer point of view documentary exploring sustainable meat production. Beginning with a history of our current industrial system, the feedlots and confinement operations are unveiled, not through hidden cameras, but through the eyes of the farmers who live and work there.

Hope to see you guys socializing over chips and guac tomorrow, October 24th, at the Gerhman Y at 5:00pm!

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