Interview: Nick Robinson from Kings of Summer

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BY Ben Silverio

Last month, Philadelphia Film Society members were treated to a sneak peek at the new indie coming of age movie, The Kings of Summer, which was attended by the films three stars Nick Robinson, Gabriel Basso, and Moises Arias. Then, as part of the Awesome Fest, which really kicks into gear next month, citizens of Philadelphia had yet another chance to see this awesome tale reminiscent of classics such as Stand by Me, The Sandlot, and The Goonies before it was released to the public. But for those of you who missed out on it both times, it’s playing for all to see at the Ritz Five right now.

However, if you’re looking for a little more insight on the film about these three kids who escape the pressures of the real world by moving into the wilderness, you should check out the interview that The Pretentious Film Majors and I conducted with Nick Robinson a bit after he made an appearance here in Philly. During our chat, he revealed how he first got involved with the production, his experience with Nick Offerman and Alison Brie, and the location they worked in.

On how much he related to his character, Joe, Robinson had this to say:
“Quite a lot of myself. I think that Joe is pretty much a version of myself. I mean he’s kind of an every-man, you know? I grew up camping a lot, I grew up playing outdoors in the woods and I also grew up with a very active imagination so those things combined sort of form the core of Joe in the film. Although you’re still mature and trying to act like an adult you’re still a kid learning how to live.”

Then, building off of the story that he and his co-stars told at the PFS screening, he spoke a little about the improv that went on during shooting:
“The pipe scene is the one story that we always tell people when they ask about the improv. That was on our day off and Jordan, Chris and Ross, our director of Photography took us out into the woods. Jordan had found this pipe earlier on a location scout but hadn’t found a reason to use it so we went out there and Jordan told us to mess around and do something. We started banging on the pipe and Moises, who is Biaggio jumped up on top and started tribal dancing and I had no idea that it was going to become like a thread that ties the film together. Nick, Megan and Marco are probably some of the best improvisers on the planet so I learned the most from them, from watching them and watching how they work. They’re geniuses.”

For the full interview, head on over to Cinedork.com. After that, let us know what you think of The Kings of Summer by sending us a tweet at us at @PhillyFilmSoc or by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page.

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