Looking Forward to the 85th Annual Academy Awards

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We are nearing the end of the 2013 Awards Season, which means that the Oscars are quickly approaching. In less than a week a new batch of filmmakers and artists will be able to prefix their names with the prestigious “Academy Award Winner…” Unlike many of my generation, I enjoy the Oscars immensely. It is true that the speeches and constant commercial breaks can get tedious, but I see the Academy Awards as a celebration of new Hollywood and Old Hollywood, as young starlets walk down the same red carpet as Audrey Hepburn and Bette Davis.

This year’s Oscars Race has already made history. In the Best Actress category, Emmanuelle Riva is the oldest woman to be nominated I this category. Riva, who has avoided the spotlight and campaigning, granted an interview to the Hollywood Reporter. If you are unfamiliar with the actress, I suggest giving it a read. This coming Sunday, Riva will turn 86 and, if she wins, will become the oldest actor to win an Oscar, breaking the record set by Christopher Plummer just last year. Likewise, Riva’s fellow nominee Quvanzhane Wallis, at 9 years old, is the youngest nominee in Oscar history. She breaks the record that Tatum O’Neal has held for four decades.

Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention in past years, but anticipation for this year’s ceremony seems to be higher than usual. Cinephiles across the globe are trying to guess who will go home with the coveted statue. Huffington Post is scrutinizing audience reception, critical reception and box office gross to stack the nominees. Gambling joints in England have published odds on which Best Picture nominee will win the night’s most prestigious award, citing Django at 100-1, Pi at 16-1, and frontrunner Argo at 4-1. The Credits is scouring social media feeds and critical responses and utilizing formulae used during the presidential election to calculate who will go to the Vanity Fair after party with a new accessory and who will be sulking (graciously of course). People have clearly put a lot of energy and brainpower into this race, which I appreciate. Now that I have read through it carefully, I feel prepared to ignore it and expound on my predictions, unmarred by science or analysis.

For Best Picture, I believe it is clear that Argo is heading home with the little guy on Sunday. It was been the frontrunner since the beginning and I think that Ben Affleck’s being snubbed will help in no small part to this film’s win.

For Best Actor, I’m pulling for Daniel Day-Lewis. For one thing, in recent years, if D-Day is nominated, D-Day usually wins, and for good reason. His performance as Lincoln was beyond reproach. As much as I truly love the other contenders, I don’t think this is their year.

For Best Actress, my money is on Jennifer Lawrence. She has been campaigning like crazy and she’s taken home several awards already. In an upset, I would not be surprised if neither Lawrence or her main competitor Jessica Chastain won and the Oscar went to Emmanuelle Riva. Her performance in Amour is said to be devastating and members of the Academy seem to like to honor their elders.

Last but not least, the award for Best Director. This one is a hard race. Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee are both very much the favorites, and I have to go with the masses. Lincoln was extraordinary – the type of epic film that got Steve an Oscar last time.

But this is just one woman’s opinion. Here in the PFS office, we took a poll of who we want to win and who we think will win. It’s anyone’s guess who will have bragging rights on Monday:

Who PFS wants to win Best Picture:

Alyssa, Michael & Pari: Django Unchained
Mariah: Argo
Rebecca: Amour
Andy: Silver Linings Playbook

Who we think will win Best Picture:

Alyssa, & Pari: Lincoln
Michael, Andy & Mariah: Argo

Who we want to win Best Actor

Alyssa, Michael & Rebecca: Daniel Day-Lewis
Mariah: Bradley Cooper
Pari: Joaquin Phoenix

Who we think will to win Best Actor

Alyssa, Michael & Pari: Daniel Day-Lewis
Mariah: Hugh Jackman

Who we want to win Best Actress

Alyssa & Rebecca: Emmanuelle Riva
Mariah & Michael: Jennifer Lawrence
Pari: Quvenzhané Wallis

Who we think will to win Best Actress

Alyssa: Jennifer Lawrence
Michael: Jessica Chastain
Mariah: Anne Hathaway
Pari: Emmanuelle Riva

Who we want to win Best Director

Alyssa, Michael: Benh Zeitlin
Andy, Mariah & Pari: David O. Russell
Rebecca: Ang Lee

Who we think will win Best Director

Alyssa, Michael, Mariah & Pari: Steven Spielberg

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