One Week Left To Restore The Roxy On Kickstarter

Written by Alex Gibson on . Posted in Kickstarter, Philadelphia Film Society, Pretentious Film Majors, Roxy, Tags, The Roxy Theater

As of this morning, there is officially one week remaining in our Kickstarter campaign to get the Roxy Theater back to it’s former glory. And thanks to the 395 incredible backers so far, we’ve reached our goal of $40,000.00! With this post, we’d like to extend our most sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the cause to restore the last remaining independent theater in Center City.

While we here at the Philadelphia Film Society are eternally grateful for the contributions thus far, the proceeds from Kickstarter are only a small portion of what we require to fully restore the Roxy. The initial $40,000 goal will help cover the expense of our new theater seating, but there is still much more to be improved. To give you an idea of the magnitude of renovations that are necessary, we teamed up with The Pretentious Film Majors to create this playful, yet informative, video about the Roxy:

Our total fundraising needs actually clock in at $120,000, and every little bit helps. With an additional $10,000 added to the Kickstarter, we can immediately put in new larger, clearer screens, which will help to create the most optimal viewing experience than you’ve ever had at the Roxy Theater. With an additional $50,000, we can purchase a second digital projector, something that we didn’t think was possible until the end of 2013. These goals are a bit of a stretch in only a week, but this gives you an idea of what we still have planned before resuming operations.

So even though the Kickstarter has reached it’s goal, there’s still one week left to contribute to the cause to restore the Roxy. And as an added bonus, we’ve added some awesome new rewards for backing the project, like a golden ticket for UNLIMITED MOVIES once the theater opens. For more information and the opportunity to give your own pledge, check out our Kickstarter page right now.

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