PFF audience goes crazy over Goon 10/21/11

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Last night at the Ritz East Theater, the 20th Anniversary Philadelphia Film Festival was honored to host the US premiere of Goon. If you consider yourself a fan of hockey even in the slightest, you MUST see this movie.

Directed by Michael Dowse (Take Me Home Tonight), the film centers on lovable loser Doug Glatt (played by Seann William Scott) who, much to his chagrin, seems to only be good at one thing in life: beating the living crap out of people. One day at a minor league hockey game with his obnoxiously die-hard hockey blogging buddy (played by Jay Baruchel- who also co-wrote the script with Superbad co-writer, Evan Goldberg), Glatt saves his friend from getting creamed by a disgruntled player, knocking him out cold. He gains so much attention from the stint that he gets an offer to play hockey professionally. Although Doug can barely even skate, he takes the opportunity and finds himself very resourceful in the violent sports world that hockey often times is. “Doug the Thug” soon becomes a fan favorite as he pulverizes player after player after player.

Although the film seems to glorify a lot of these graphic fight scenes, nearly every scene is comedic. Doug isn’t a monster; he’s just trying to do whatever his team needs him to do. His loyalty to his teammates and his constant selflessness makes you root for him even if you don’t necessarily agree with what he’s doing. The film also stars Liev Schreiber as Ross “The Boss” Rhea, a washed-up player nearing retirement who, like Glatt, is known for being one of the toughest stars in hockey. An epic faceoff ensues toward the end of the movie that few people will be able to forget.

There was laughter throughout the entire film and everyone in audience seemed to really enjoy it from start to finish. When the film ended the crowd burst into applause. If you weren’t able to make it to the screening, Goon will be playing again on October 28th at the Prince Music Theater at 10:00 pm. You can get tickets here.

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