PFS Member Sneak Preview: RAMPART

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By Le Anne Lindsay

On Thursday February 16th PFS members got to see a preview screening of a new police drama starring Woody Harrelson, which actually is the second movie he’s made with director Oren Moverman and actor Ben Foster, the first being 2009’s The Messenger. In truth, Rampart isn’t a crime drama or police exposé, it’s a character study of a man who is both extremely articulate and seductive and at the same time, ridiculous and immoral. In many ways we learn most about this character which Harrelson brings expertly to life, through his relationships with his family of women, and a recent sexual affair with a lady lawyer, than we do from his identity as a cop.

I feel this film is a great vehicle for Woody Harrelson, but in thinking back on his career, he’s been a pretty versatile actor. Would you put him in a class with Sean Penn and Denzel Washington?

Before watching Rampart did you know about the Rampart Division scandals?

Were you hoping this movie would have more action and have a heavier crime story plot?

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