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At first glance, the average moviegoer might not be compelled to see A Little Bit of Heaven. I think people saw it starred Kate Hudson and thought I’m not in the mood for a frothy Bride Wars, My Best Friend’s Girl or You, Me and Dupree  type of romantic comedy. Not that there’s anything wrong with a traditional rom/com; however this film is the female equivalent of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s 50/50.

Marley Corbett, while under anesthesia for a colonoscopy, is told by God (Whoopi Goldberg) that she’s dying and has 3 wishes. Okay, that part’s a bit hokey, but Kate Hudson dealing with work, family, friends and finally falling in love, all while delivering her swan song, is touching and funny.

A Little Bit of Heaven is set in New Orleans, which was the location for Hudson’s little known film The Skeleton Key , which I rather liked. Director Nicole Kassell (The Woodsman) makes good use of the locale for this film without making mention of the city.

Anyone with the misfortune of going through colon cancer will probably find all manner of inconsistencies in this movie. Anyone looking for a profound, tight script with good pacing, won’t find it here; but I dare you to leave the theater without being moved to tears.

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