PFS Staff: Our Favorite Baseball Movies

Written by Alex Gibson on . Posted in Baseball, PFS Staff Picks, Phillies, Tags

On Friday, the 2013 Phillies season opens, so head down to the Citizen’s Bank Park, grab a soft pretzel, order a cold beer and enjoy another awesome season with the die hard Phillies fans. To get you psyched for Opening Day and make the week pass a little faster, the PFS Staff has compiled a list of our favorite baseball movies. These films are about the teams, players, and innings that have inspired us, humored us, and united us, combining America’s Favorite Pastime with ours.

Andy – Major League, Bull Durham, & Field of Dreams
Michael – Catching Hell, Moneyball, & Sugar
Pari – The Sandlot, A League of Their Own, Rookie of the Year, Angels in the Outfield, & Fever Pitch
Rebecca – the upcoming 42
Mariah – The Sandlot & The Natural
Jesse – Bull Durham
Dilcia – The Sandlot & Fever Pitch
Katie, Alyssa, & Alex – A League of Their Own
Ben – The Sandlot, Angels in the Outfield, Little Big League, Rookie of the Year & Damn Yankees
Sam – Moneyball

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