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(PHILADELPHIA, PA) February 21, 2012 – The Philadelphia Film Society (PFS) will launch a Kickstarter campaign to support a necessary revitalization of the historic Roxy theater, the last remaining movie house in Rittenhouse Square.  The campaign will begin on Friday, February 22 and end on Friday, March 22, 2013. Contributions will aim to raise at least $40,000, which will fund the immediate renovation of the theaters, including upgraded seating, wall treatments, and carpeting – all of which will allow for a Spring opening in early April.  Additional funding beyond this goal will be allocated towards the purchase of new, digital equipment, advancing the digital conversion of the venue.

“This is a very exciting time for PFS, we are hoping to have a ‘Field of Dreams’ experience — that when we build it, Philadelphia will come to the Roxy,” says Rebecca Cain, PFS Development Director. “Re-envisioning the Roxy, and carving out the best possible use of the space has been a challenge, but PFS is almost ready to raise the curtain on festival films year round. Many times things are let go, and there isn’t the money and interest to keep up what once was.  Film is easy, accessible to many, and transformative. PFS believes that a trip out to the movies is part of the American experience, the neighborhood art house theater has inspired generations of filmmakers and storytellers in our country.  Philadelphia is a movie town, and we aim to do what it takes to keep up this tradition.”


It is the intention of PFS to renovate two theaters within the building first, adding new seating, flooring, digital projection, screens, sound systems, and a central computerized system. As fundraising for the project continues, PFS also intends to renovate the lobby and concession area, adding a new ticketing system, digital monitors and new concession machines, as well as adding a new marquee outside of the venue.  PFS budgets the capital needed to accomplish the majority of this project at approximately $600,000.


Excluding the Roxy, there are only 42 movie screens in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, 12 in Center City Philadelphia, the majority of which focused on showing studio or more commercial films. The PFS Theater at the Roxy aims to not only provide an exceptional screening experience, but to operate with an emphasis on independent films, many of which presently cannot be seen theatrically in Philadelphia.  In addition to programming an array of first-run independent features, important and impactful documentaries, and repertory cinema not widely available, the programming vision also includes film series discussion groups, mini festivals and film series that will create partnerships with other non-profit groups in Philadelphia.


“Philadelphia remains a critically underserved market for films, especially independents and documentaries.  Due to this lack of screens, many of the films we showcase in the Festival never have the opportunity to be seen again on screen in Philadelphia.  It is part of our mission to provide Philadelphia film lovers with the ability to see these films, both narrative and documentary, as well as to foster the conversation these films seek to create.  We are thrilled that the PFS Theater at the Roxy will give us the opportunity to achieve this year-round, “ says Andrew Greenblatt, PFS Executive Director.


To contribute to the Philadelphia Theater at the Roxy Kickstarter campaign, please visit URL NEEDED. “Backers” of the project will receive premium items for their contributions ranging from T-shirts to free film tickets to Founding Member Status of the theater.

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