Philadelphia Film Society Revives Historical ROXY Theater

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Rittenhouse Square’s Last Movie House to be new home for Philadelphia Film Society and Philadelphia Film Festival

(PHILADELPHIA, PA) October 8, 2012 – The ROXY Theater in Rittenhouse Square has found its savior. The Philadelphia Film Society (PFS) will take over the location, engaging in an exciting year-round film program at the historic movie house.  The tradition of film exhibition is secured with a long-term lease for the location. J. Andrew Greenblatt, Executive Director of Philadelphia Film Society, promises to run the theater regularly with selections and events serving the local community, movie buffs and cinéastes.  “We are absolutely thrilled to be taking over the management and operations of the historical and beloved ROXY, making it the new home for the Philadelphia Film Society.  We intend to make the ROXY a hub for the Philadelphia film community, booking diverse and captivating programming, offering education courses and producing special events similar to venues such as the Alamo Drafthouse theaters, the Film Forum in New York, and Coolidge Corner Theater in Boston.”

PFS expects to make some noticeable renovations to the ROXY, located on the vibrant 2000 block of Sansom St.  “We plan on upgrading the ROXY, quickly transitioning the venue to digital projection, however we also expect to maintain 35mm projectors, which will allow us to exhibit cinematic treasures best seen in their original format,” Greenblatt said.  In the near future, we also intend make improvements to seating, the interior decor and exterior facade.

Philadelphia Film Society planning on some enticing fundraising activities to support the renovation and renewal of the ROXY starting at the Philadelphia Film Festival which begins next week on October 18th and runs through October 28th, PFS will be raising funds and awareness for the ROXY renovation project.  To stay informed about the project and learn how you can help, Philadelphia Film Society please visit

With securing PFS to run the ROXY, John Ciccone, President of San-Mor fulfills his promises to continue the tradition of a cinema at the location as well as to revamp the movie theater with an operator that will  serve the local residents and the independent film community by showing dynamic and diverse programming, “This is a wonderful opportunity to keep the tradition of movies alive at the ROXY.  I have full faith that Philadelphia Film Society will make major improvements to the facilities equipment, decor and overall aesthetic.  I’ll be lending my hand in some of the design of the new facade and I’ll also be upgrading the air-conditioning, heating and some other improvements to the building that will be a part of making The ROXY a much improved venue for cinema.  From the Helium Comedy Club to my Adrienne Live theater (which hosts 4 theater companies) and great restaurants like Melograno, which received 3 Bells from Craig LaBan, and many other exciting dining experiences on the block, it’s great see the 2000 block of Sansom St. grow and attract the very best of Philadelphia.”

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