Programs & Education

PFS Programs & Education seeks to support the PFS mission and further encourage, enlighten, educate, and entertain our community through programming designed to promote visual, media, and cultural literacy. Through our theater, PFS will create a community-oriented destination and site for unique cinema experiences. Learn how you can support PFS’s Programs and Education Series.

If you would like to sponsor a film or category please contact Alyssa Kaminski, Development Officer, at 267-239-2941 or Click here for pricing and information.




Filmadelphia @ The Roxy

A venue for local filmmakers of all ages, levels and backgrounds to showcase recent work and engage with audiences.


The Graveyard Shift

Horror, action, suspense, and the downright weird, these films will keep you awake during the graveyard shift.


Passport to World Cinema

A handpicked selection of the year’s strongest cinema from around the globe.

ET the Extra-terrestrial

Saturday Morning Specials

An affordable monthly screening series of unique, family-friendly contemporary and classic films for the young and young at heart!

Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins

Sensory Friendly Sundays

Perfect for first time film-goers, this series is thoughtfully designed to consider children who may have sensitivities to the traditional theater environment.

Summer Programs 2015

Just announced! Check out our June/July programming at the PFS Roxy! CLICK HERE to see the full Summer Program:

Spring Programs 2015

Check out our April/May programming at the PFS Roxy! CLICK HERE to see the full Spring Program:

  • Film Lab | a monthly exploration of science through cinema
  • Growing Up Baumbach  | a celebration 20 years of work in film from one of today’s most talented American writer/directors
  • Hitchcock ’48 – ’55 | selections from the years in which Hitchcock emulates the theater and teams up with Philly’s own Grace Kelly
  • In Focus: Docs by Women | a monthly series of compelling contemporary documentaries anchored by talented female directors
  • Sight & Soundtrack | featuring rockumentaries, biopics and films that are centered around the unifying power of music
  • Wedding Season | a cinematic toast to saying yes to the dress, celebrating our favorite on-screen moments of matrimony

Grab your stroller and join us for Babies on Board screenings every Wednesday!

To accommodate film lovers with infants, the PFS Theater at the Roxy invites new parents and caretakers to bring their children to the theater to catch a new release while avoiding the social limitations of the traditional theater experience.

Volume is lowered just a bit and fussing, giggling, and sleeping are no problem.  The films will screen at matinee times and ticket prices– and the little ones are always free!

Please check the film schedule for designated screenings Babies on Board screenings are in italics.

Every Wednesday evening is BYO Wine Night at the PFS Roxy! All shows after 7PM and all YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US series screenings included. Bring your favorite red, white, or bubbly and we’ll pop the top and provide glassware! Plus, metered street parking in Center City is FREE on Wednesdays after 5PM, except for rush-hour zones, which are free after 6:30PM. Visit for more parking details.

Please check the film schedule for designated screenings. BYO Wine Night screenings are underlined.