Scream On The Green: Celebrate Halloween With Outdoor Screenings At PFF21!

Written by Alex Gibson on . Posted in American Scream, Graveyard Shift, Michael Stephenson, PFF21, Poltergeist, Steven Spielberg, Tags, Tobe Hooper

All Hallows’ Eve is fast approaching and the Philadelphia Film Festival is ready to help you get in the witching mood. When the sun goes down on Friday night, PFF21 is bringing some scary stuff to Shoemaker Green on UPenn’s campus, as they’ll be screening a double feature of ‘The American Scream’ and ‘Poltergeist’.

‘The American Scream’ is a haunting new documentary about New England suburbanites who build elaborate haunted houses in their backyards to petrify their friends and neighbors every Halloween.

‘Poltergeist’ is the classic 1982 horror movie staple from the legendary Steven Spielberg directed by Tobe Hooper about malevolent ghosts who abduct a family’s youngest daughter.

A line up like that is not a bad way to celebrate the Friday before Halloween. You can even bring some blankets to sit on, something warm to drink, and maybe a special someone to sit with in case you get scared. Nothing says romance like horror movies under the stars!

And if you’re not busy tonight, the director of ‘The American Scream’ will be at the Ritz East at tonight’s screening at 9:40pm, so you can head on down to Olde City for a Q&A with Michael Stephenson where you can ask him all about the haunted houses and the crazy cast of characters that put them on.

Finally, if seeing scary or weird movies is your thing, check out the movies in the Graveyard Shift category. There are still some great ones coming up like ‘I Declare War’, ‘Dead Sushi’, and more.

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