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BY Fletcher Gelber

I know what your thinking, Robocop is an amazing film; how could he even think about putting it under So Bad Its Good? Well before you decide to take me out and execute me like Peter Weller in the opening of Robocop, let me explain. Robocop is one of my favorite movies of all time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a bad film. This movie is so bad, that it becomes better then most “good” movies.

Robocop is set in a futuristic Detroit, which is filled with crime and violence (So basically Modern Day Detroit). The film follows a new cop named Murphy, played by Peter Weller, who gets brutally killed by a group of gangsters on his first day on the job (Don’t you just hate Mondays). After Murphy is obliterated, an evil corporation, OCP, takes his remains and makes the ultimate crime fighter, Robocop. Part robot, part man- all cop/ crazy gun-wielding robot on a mission of revenge.

With a synopsis like that you’re probably saying to yourself “ This sounds freaking amazing” – and it is. But man, is this a bad movie. The dialogue in this film seems like it is written by a six-year-old playing with his toys. Every character seems to speak like a robot, repeating lines that only a 80s movie could contain. But this dialogue adds to the not taking its self-serious charm of the film, making it much more entertaining.

Robocop himself is like the first addition IPod – out dated, big and clumsy, and fuelled by baby food (just kidding about the last one). Robocop slowly moves around the screen as robotic sound effects are heard during his every movement. He moves so slow I’m surprised the bad guys don’t just learn that they should just turn around and briskly walk the other direction. But even with the outdated technology, Robocop still looks badass.

I can’t talk about Robocop without talking about the villains. Oh are they fantastic in a horrible way. Ronny Cox plays Dick Jones, the face of the evil corporation. He is so blatantly evil to the point of hilarity. It’s hard to imagine his character as anything but the devil in human form. Kurtwood Smith gives the performance of a lifetime as Clarence J. Boddicker, a slimy criminal that oozes scum in every scene he is in. His character is so vile that I still cant watch “That’s 70s Show” without thinking of Robocop. These characters are pure evil, without motive or explanation on why they are pure evil; they just are constantly in a bad mood. These characters are the types of people that would stick chewing gum under the desks in pre-school (some toddlers just want to watch the world burn). This adds to the fun of Robocop -our protagonist might be an unrelatable walking can opener, but the antagonists are so evil that we can’t help but root for Robocop.

Robocop is a film that does not take itself serious while handling a very serious plot and themes of revenge and identify, creating a fun and rewarding experience. The film is splotched with entertaining and outrageously funny television ads and corny one-liners that make it truly unforgettable. If you want to turn your brain off and simply enjoy a movie, then I highly recommend Robocop.

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