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Now Showing – Week of May 18th


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We are entering the home stretch of our first ever Film at the Roxy series this week. With only two weeks to go, we have just a handful of films left, including Passport to World Cinema’s Phoenix (2015). Thank you for all those who have made it out to the Roxy to support such an ambitious series. New program guides will begin distribution in the coming week for our Film at the Roxy June/July series. I think this one is even better than the first (I’m not just saying that!). We are going to present a lot more challenging and exciting films that intend to enrich our film culture in the city. Please send me any feedback about your experience with Film at the Roxy and be sure to continue to support the programming so that we can continue this excellent programming.

PFS at the Maryland Film Festival – Day 2


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Whether it was for logistical reasons or MFF simply wanted to allow some time for all the patrons of the festival to recover from the party the night before, films didn’t begin screening until the later afternoon. I spent the morning exploring the surrounds Station North area where a majority of the festival is centered around. It is an exciting, diverse neighborhood with a number of new local businesses opening up. The Red Emma’s is a perfect spot to escape the blaring sun and dine on some delicious food while reading anarchist literature.

PFS at the Maryland Film Festival – Day 1


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In the week leading up to the Maryland Film Festival, the city of Baltimore faced an alleged police brutality incident and the ensuing protests that followed. It left the city shaken and the national media rife with violent, often-accused biased, footage of “a city in flames”. It was disheartening to see so much attention placed on the ensuing riots and not the incident that was the catalyst for it all.

Last Week on Tuesday – May 12th, 2015


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Last week was completely packed with special events going on at the Philadelphia Film Society. I got to take (my first ever) business trip down to Baltimore for the Maryland Film Festival. I’ll be posting a recap and highlights from my time down there later this week. I’ll just say that MFF was a very powerful and extraordinary film festival that really displayed the importance and love of film in such a supportive community.

Last Week on Tuesday – April 28th

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I’m happy to introduce another new blog section called “Last Week on Tuesday”. Every Tuesday I’ll fill you in on what happened the previous week at PFS,  all the blood, sweat, tears and sneak previews. Last week saw a number of screenings and events for PFS. From weeding a section of Fairmount Park to literally being in the weeds with a certain screening (jokes, jokes), we saw it all.

Now Showing at PFS – Week of April 27th


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Welcome and thank you for reading the first, of hopefully many installments, of Monday’s “Now Showing” blog post. This will be your guide for all things film/movie/experimental GIFs revolving around the Philadelphia Film Society and beyond. My goal is to not only sate your never ending thirst for irreverent click baiting blog posts, but inform you of all the exciting things happening in the coming week. Click here for a full list of this week’s showings.

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